• "Bloom where you are planted" Tote Bag

"Bloom where you are planted" Tote Bag

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Behold the "Floral Fortune Teller Tote" – not your average bag, but a botanical oracle of wisdom that whispers, "Bloom where you are planted." This tote doesn't just carry your stuff; it carries the secret to a flourishing life right on its fabric.

Picture yourself strutting down the street, this tote casually slung over your shoulder, a walking garden dispensing advice to all who catch a glimpse. Need a pick-me-up at the grocery store? Consult your tote. Feeling a bit wilted on the commute? Let the tote lift your spirits.

This bag is not just a bag; it's your portable life coach, reminding you that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you have the potential to blossom like a fabulous flower in a concrete jungle. It's like having a personal cheerleader with you, encouraging you to grow, thrive, and maybe toss in a few seeds of wisdom while you're at it.

So, whether you're off to conquer the world or just the office lunch line, let this tote be your botanical sidekick, reminding everyone that you're not just carrying essentials; you're carrying the secret to a bloomin' good time. 🌺👜✨

This 100% cotton tote bag is a fun way to stay organized and keep your hands free! 

Design is also available as an apron here and as a tea towel here.

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