Atlanta Skyline Watercolor Kitchen Towel
  • Atlanta Skyline Watercolor Kitchen Towel

Atlanta Skyline Watercolor Kitchen Towel

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Introducing the "Southern Hospitality Drying Machine" tea towel – your ticket to a clean kitchen with a side of Atlanta charm! This towel not only soaks up spills but also brings a touch of the cityscape to your dish-drying routine with a watercolor illustration of the Atlanta skyline.

As you lovingly dry your favorite coffee mug or that suspiciously well-worn spatula, take a moment to appreciate the majestic skyline depicted in delicate watercolors. It's like the city is saying, "Hey y'all, even your dishes deserve a touch of Atlanta elegance!"

This tea towel is so stylish; it might just inspire your plates to strike a pose. And don't be surprised if your glasses start clinking together in a little skyline symphony – that's just the Atlanta spirit joining the kitchen cleanup party.

So, whether you're a local, an Atlanta enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good view while tackling a mountain of dishes, let this tea towel transport you to the heart of the South with a side of bubbly personality. Cheers to clean kitchens and peachy keen vibes! 🍑🌆🧽

This 100% cotton tea towel makes a fun piece of functional decor! 

Design is also available as an apron here and as a tote bag here.

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