• "Bloom where you are planted." Kitchen Towel

"Bloom where you are planted." Kitchen Towel

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Introducing the "Botanical Confidence Booster" towel – because why settle for a regular old hand-dryer when you can have a daily dose of wisdom along with that post-wash pat down? This towel proudly declares, "Bloom where you are planted."

This isn't just your run-of-the-mill towel; it's a motivational coach, reminding you that, like a determined daisy in a garden of chaos, you should bloom wherever life decides to plant you – even if it's right next to a sink full of dirty dishes.

Imagine drying your hands and catching a glimpse of this towel, offering sage advice amidst soap suds and water droplets. It's like your bathroom just turned into a motivational spa, where every hand-drying session is a chance to soak in inspiration and maybe a little bit of leftover lavender-scented soap.

So, whether you're a morning optimist or an evening realist, let this towel be your daily reminder that life's spills and thrills are just opportunities to bloom. Dry your hands, stand tall, and face the world with the resilience of a sunflower in a hurricane. You've got this! 🌻👐💪

This 100% cotton tea towel makes a fun piece of functional decor! 

Design is also available as an apron here and as a tote bag here.

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